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Snowflake that dance in the shadows(Tribe entry) by SolinTheDragon Snowflake that dance in the shadows(Tribe entry) by SolinTheDragon
Name: Snowflake that dance in the shadows 

Gender: she cat

Species: Hybrid snow chocolate marble Bengal cat 
                 (new random species of cat)

Ranking: Prey-Hunter

(If a to-be) Mentor: None

(If a kit, and does not require a ref) Kit-mother: None

Skills: the silver color in her eyes helps her focus in dark, unlike other cats she has 3 more bones in her spine
giving her more flexible movement   

Kin: tute (mother-dead) Jungie (Father-dead) syn (younger sister)

Appearance/size: med size bulky body with a lion like mane around her neck though her front legs and back limbs are built for power
when hunting or defending 

Side story: before losing her memory and joining the tribe of raging storm snowflake was a leader of her group begin the first hybrid many more like her where born to insure this new gene but that soon would end as the Balinese group where pushing for the same goal, conflict between the two hybrid groups rose dramatically targeting each other kits to end the other one blood line. hybrid marble Bengal group retreated for the human city as they have face more causalities then the Balinese, ruling over the human dump Balinese waited for there rivals to return to finish there feud but none came. many moons came and gone and no sign of the snowflake group where to be seen the Balinese where at peace until snowflake return to confront them wining this time snowflake chased out the Balinese group to exile, later on snowflake was ambushed by an unknown group leaving her on the mountain side bruised and lost of memory when she fell on her head, luckily she was found by the tribe prey-hunters brining her in to treat her wounds snowflake awoke with no memory of her self or she came from  
Jaffacatt Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Love the design! :0
The story may need to be reworked though, as I'm being a little strict on origins.
SolinTheDragon Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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